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Naturopathic Medicine in Spokane Valley, WA specializing in discovering the root cause of your chronic symptoms.  We utilize environmental medicine protocols and holistic treatments to treat chronic symptoms and autoimmune diseases.  


Dr. Julie George aims to provide you with knowledge to take control of your life.  Our blog provides information for you to become informed, aware, and able to make confident decisions.  


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Beauty and Anti-Aging in Spokane

DrJulie George

At Rivercreek Wellness we believe that beauty is truly within all of us. However, our culture is obsessed with eliminating wrinkles and looking good. We all want to feel good and have lasting confidence so we reach for modern day miracles to erase the time. The problem with doing so is we are usually reaching for cosmetics and personal care products that have numerous chemicals. The chemicals in these products often have not been evaluated for your safety, thus contributing to hormone imbalances and cancers to name a few.

Dr. Julie George was introduced to BeautyCounter and feels comfortable referring her friends and family to it. The company has taken an initiative to eliminate over 1,500 chemicals from their products. Dr. George is excited to say that she has been impressed with the results she has achieved with their products. She wishes she would have only taken before and afters to show off the dramatic results!


COUNTERTIME is the line you are looking for if you are wanting anti-aging. Dr. George uses this line with great satisfaction. She cleanses with the First step and then washes with Charcoal Soap in between step 1 and step 2 to help remove makeup from her pores.

Plumping Face Oil is another great product to apply after washing your face in the morning and night. It can serve as an added oil or as a moisturizer. Dr. George loves, loves, loves the BeautyCounter Oils.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel holy moly, this one achieved some immediate results. This product along with the Cleansing Balm are the two originals that sold Dr. George on the entire BeautyCounter Line. These are what she calls her miracle treatments.

She will tell you about her love for the makeups in a following post. If you are interested in trying these fabulous safe cosmetics, you may order them here.

If you haven’t switched to clean, safe cosmetics then you may want to schedule an appointment for testing of these dangerous chemicals such as Paragons, Phthalates, Lead, BPA, VOC, and more. Dr. George has written articles online and published in Natural Awakenings on the dangers in your personal care products. There are multiple areas we address at Rivercreek Wellness when it comes to Anti-Aging, check out our services.

OAT Testing And Why You Need It

DrJulie George

OAT Testing and Why You Need It.png

What is the OAT Test?

OAT Testing is also known as Organic Acid Testing. We have multiple laboratories that offer OAT panels, however, Great Plains Laboratories offers the most comprehensive test that we have seen. It is an accurate assessment of what is going on in your body. It evaluates over 70 urinary metabolites that can be useful in finding the cause of your chronic health symptoms.

If you have any health concerns then we recommend starting with an Organic Acids Test.

  • Attention Problems

  • Autism

  • Autoimmune Disorder

  • Chronic Pain

  • Depression

  • Digestive Problems

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Low Energy

  • Lyme Disease

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Poor Sleep

Sections of the Organic Acid Test

There are multiple sections within the Great Plains Organic Acid Test that can give us a lot of information. The Yeast and Fungal Markers will let us know if you are exposed to candida or certain molds in your environment. The Bacterial Markers look for dysbiosis within your GI tract. Clostridia Bacterial Markers help us evaluate for these toxins within your system that can be responsible for neurological and mental health symptoms. Oxalate Metabolites are often elevated in people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and vulvadenia. Glycolytic and Mitochondria Markers are useful in seeing how your mitochondria (energy production part of cell) are functioning. Ketones and Fatty Acids can also contribute to mitochondria dysfunction. Nutritional Markers are evaluated to see if you may have a deficiency in a nutrient. Glutathione status is evaluated which helps us learn about your detoxification system. Amino Acids Metabolites are also included to help us know if you may have a metabolic imbalance or inborn error in metabolism. Neurotransmitter health can be evaluated through the Phenylalanie and Tyrosine Metabolites, and/or Tryptophan Metabolites. Folate imbalance can also be evaluated through the Pyrimidine Metabolites. There are so many useful sections to this test that gives us a lot of information.

This test can point us in which steps to take next. For example if you have fungal and yeast markers elevated then we may need to perform a mycotoxin test next. If you are nutrient deficient then we may need to easily correct it with a professional grade supplement. If you have impaired detoxification status then we may want to look at your methylation cycle, toxic metals and/or nontoxic metal exposures. This test allows for us to find out what is going on without going on assumptions.

How Do I Get an OAT Test?

New Patient

If you are not a patient at Rivercreek Wellness in Spokane Valley, then we ask for you to call our office 509-919-1385 or Schedule Online. Once you have scheduled an appointment we will send you an invite to our PHR system and include your health questionnaire along with 4 consents. The first appointment will consist of taking a complete health history. At the end of the first appointment we will give you the test kit or we will have it mailed to you. We will do a second appointment about 3 weeks later to determine a health and/or treatment plan.

Existing Patient

We can discuss an Organic Acid Test on your next appointment or you may send us and email through your portal or call our office requesting a test kit. Follow Ups will be 3 weeks later to determine a treatment plan.

How Do I Prepare for an OAT Test?

OAT Testing is simple. We ask that if you are a woman and are having your cycle you wait to collect after menses. There are a few foods and juices we ask for you to avoid for 48 hours including apples, grapes, pears and cranberries. We also ask that you avoid arabinogalactan, echinacea, reishi, mushrooms, and ribose supplements for 48 hours prior to collection. The urine sample is collected on your first morning urine. The urine must be concentrated so we ask that you discontinue drinking water at 6pm the evening before. Once you have collected your urine and labeled the urine container, completed the requisition form, you will ship it through FedEx back to the laboratory.

What is the Cost of an OAT?

At Rivercreek Wellness we have you pay the testing company directly. If you have insurance then you will add your insurance information to the requisition and will be billed a LOWER price. If you do not have insurance then you will be charged the RETAIL price of the test. Testing prices may change from time to time, therefore we discuss all options with patients on their first visit or follow up visits.

Do I Need to Repeat an OAT?

Repeating an OAT is often individualized to each patients needs. It is often recommended to do a follow up OAT to recheck markers in the future. Each person’s testing will be individualized to their own health concerns. I recommend thinking about OAT testing as a yearly preventative test as well.

Are You Reacting To The Foods You Eat?

DrJulie George

Do you have a Food Sensitivity?

Isn’t it time you take the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn’t be eating? Food allergy and sensitivity testing can help you eliminate the foods that could be harming your body. Even healthy foods can be contributing to unhealthy reactions within the body.  People often confuse food allergies and food sensitivities. Food allergies are often severe and can be life threatening. A true IgE food allergy creates an immediate immune reaction. Food sensitivities are usually less severe, however, they still create numerous health problems.  A food sensitivity is often defined as a delayed IgG reaction. Some people report having symptoms up to 72 hours after they eat a specific food. Since reactions can be delayed for several days it makes it hard to differentiate which foods are aggravating you.

Common Food Sensitivity Symptoms

  • Weight gain or Loss that is unexplainable

  • Constipation or Diarrhea

  • Bloating

  • Headaches or Migraines

  • Fatigue

  • Brain Fog

  • Poor Concentration

  • Joint Pain

  • Skin Rashes

  • Eczema

  • Acne

  • Heartburn

  • Chronic Pain

  • Autoimmune Disease Flares

Testing Options

Food Sensitivity

We are highly selective on which food allergy and sensitivity test we offer to you.  For the most part food sensitivity testing is not covered by your health insurance. You may be special and have an awesome health insurance, unfortunately it isn’t the norm.  We have various testing kits for our patients.

Alletess Is the most affordable testing option.  Alletess offers 96 IgG and 184 IgG food sensitivities.  It is a finger prick test that the patient is able to do at home.   

Cyrex Laboratory is highly regarded for their immune screens.  They offer a Wheat/Gluten Array and Gluten Cross Reactivity Array.  Cyrex offers Food Immune Reactivity Screens. If you have an autoimmune disease or want to determine your reactions to gluten, then this is the lab for you.  Cyrex Testing can be expensive and requires testing gluten first, then gluten cross reactivity, and finally food reactions. They have 90 or 180 different foods/spices/food additives to test.  

Dunwoody Labs has set themselves apart from other labs by offering Complete Dietary Antigen testing.  They take 88 Foods and compare IgE, IgG, IgG4, C3d for all foods. This gives more comprehensive information for your immune health.  

Food Allergy

We blood test for the most common food allergies with True Health Diagnostics. Dunwoody does test for IgE responses to 88 foods as well.  Again, this will test only for immediate IgE reactions. It may be necessary for us to refer you to an allergist for further testing. If you have an IgE food allergy then it is necessary to always carry Benadryl and an Epipen.  

Common Food Allergies

  • Egg

  • Milk

  • Wheat

  • Sesame

  • Peanut

  • Soybean

  • Hazelnut

  • Almond

  • Shrimp

  • Tuna

  • Salmon

  • Cashew

  • Walnut

  • Scallops  

What to Do When You Have A Food Sensitivity or Food Allergy?

Food Sensitivity Testing confirms that gastrointestinal work is needed.  Food Sensitivity Testing may not be 100% accurate when you have leaky gut. It is important to eliminate the bothersome foods while you are working on your GI health.  Enzyme Science Intolerance Complex can help you while you are figuring out which foods to eliminate. Taking one capsule with meals may help if there is a possibility of cross contamination.  Caution- this is not to be taken if there is a known diagnosis of an immediate allergy or celiacs disease. If needed there are more specialized testing for leaky gut, LPS, and Gluten Cross Reactivity. Often times you are able to add food sensitivities back into the diet if you were diligent with the treatment plan.  

True food allergies must be avoided from your diet.  Children can sometimes outgrow their allergies. It is important to be careful in not cross contaminating your food.  Always carry an epipen and antihistamine medications. Always work with your doctor.

If you are in the greater Spokane area and want to know if foods are bothering you, then schedule your appointment now.  Dr. Julie George enjoys helping patients restore their gut health. This is for your information and is not a substitute for medical advise from your doctor. If you have questions or comments concerning your own health please schedule an appointment with our office or with your physician.

Are you overweight?

DrJulie George

Have you tried numerous diets and weight loss products with little results? Or did you lose the weight only for it to return plus a few extra unwanted pounds? Losing weight is a challenge. Despite what you hear with calories in vs. calories out, that doesn’t work for everybody. Trust me, I am one of them.

Medical Labs

When was the last time you had laboratory work completed? It is important to check your standard blood levels, inflammatory markers, thyroid markers, and possible other immune markers. There are some more advanced labs that can also be beneficial.

  • Thyroid levels are important to check on routine blood panels. If you are experiencing a under active thyroid then that can contribute to weight gain. We recommend a complete thyroid panel.

  • If you are experiencing a lot of inflammation then you may need a gentler approach. In fact, doing difficult workouts could be getting in your way of losing weight. This is because of the stress hormone cortisol. For more advanced testing we can test your cortisol x4 to determine how your body is handling the stress hormone throughout the day. Routine blood work can test basic inflammatory markers.

  • Having a food sensitivity can cause you unwanted weight gain and/or difficulty losing weight. Food sensitivities can do a lot of harm on the body including your gut. Gut health is very important to your overall health. Food sensitivities are usually not life long. There are several treatment options we use for repairing GI function and decreasing food sensitivities. We offer several different food sensitivity companies for testing options.

  • You could be hanging on to unwanted pounds due to unbalanced hormones. We have the ability to test your hormone levels. We recommend salivary or urine hormone testing panels.

  • Environmental toxin exposures can contribute to weight gain and/or a harder time to lose weight. Depending on your lifestyle and exposure risk then testing for phthalates, parabens, solvents, heavy metals, glyphosates, and others may be recommended.

Medical Weight Loss in Spokane Valley

At Rivercreek Wellness we offer medical weight loss programs that are individualized to your specific goals. We recommend Far Infrared Sauna to help you burn extra calories. We only recommend physician quality supplements to you, and we’ve made it easy to purchase through our online store with a 10% discount. Are you ready to take control of your weight, then schedule your appointment now with Dr. Julie George.

Got to Go

DrJulie George


Summertime is the perfect time to travel near and far.  Here in the Inland Northwest people tend to spend a lot of time at the lakes, going camping, and touring the Oregon Coast. In Spokane, we are so close to so many spectacular sites to see.  There is so much fun and excitement putting a trip together, planning the itinerary and heading out with our packed bags.   We often don't think about our "Got to Go" moments until it is too late.  So many people get diarrhea and/or constipation while traveling.  The causes vary but often are from nervousness, change in routine, climate changes, different diets, dehydration, overindulging and even pathogens.  If you believe you have been infected with a pathogen or foodborne illness seek urgent care.  Being prepared with some natural therapies while traveling can help you prevent and/or manage GI distress.  

Lifestyle Habits 

Stay Hydrated - The average person requires 1/2 of their body weight in ounces of water each day (150lbs=75oz of water).  Remember that activity, heat, dry climate and alcohol consumption requires more water.  We like to take along Jigsaw Electrolytes Packets to help us replenish all of the electrolytes we lost to stay well hydrated.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Eat Nutritiously  - Check out some healthy restaurant cuisine on your trip.  Always include veggies with each meal and a serving of fruit per day.  Don't forget to add the salad.  Roadtripping is no excuse to swing by the golden arches.  Plan your meals and bring a cooler.  Camping?  No problem bring organic bagged greens or frozen veggies to add to your dishes.  Fiber-rich foods are required.  This is not the time to overindulge in heavy foods.  Traveling does not give you permission to eat gluten or your other food sensitivities. You will thank yourself for staying on your plan.                                                                                                                                                                     

Movement - Find activities to keep you active.  Even if you are road tripping to your destination stop and walk around the car, find something to see along the way, and park at the furthest pump.  Just MOVE!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Relaxation - We often fill our itineraries with all of the sightseeing, visiting, shopping, etc that we forget that its a vacation and we should relax.  Take some time for yourself and breathe.  We must get quality sleep so enjoy that hotel room you paid for.


Natural Therapies for GI Distress

Microbiome Labs MEGASporeBiotic - We have bacteria living within our GI system that regulates our immune system and GI health.  When the bad bacteria and yeast overpower the good bacteria we are prone to infections, allergies, inflammation, GI distress, mood imbalances, and lower energy.  MEGASporeBiotic is designed to balance the bad bacteria and yeast.  They have designed this probiotic to survive the stomach acid, therefore, it is far superior to the competition.  It is the only shelf-stable probiotic I endorse, meaning it is safe to throw in your suitcase.  Available through our office

Enzyme Science Critical Digestion - 95 million Americans report GI distress.  When traveling we do not want gas, bloating, abdominal pain, food intolerances, constipation and diarrhea getting in the way of our plans.  We often do not know what is in the foods when we are eating at a restaurant.  Thus I recommend enzymes with each meal to help break down the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  

Jigsaw MagSRT - Magnesium is often deficient in the population.  Magnesium helps with constipation.  I like to travel with MagSRT because of the time release technology.

Homeopathic Nux Vomica - If you couldn't resist and overindulge on eating and drinking at dinner, then try homeopathy.  It is small enough to carry in your pocket.  Do not take with coffee or mint.  Homeopathy is best taken away from food and drinks.  

Ginger Tea - If you tend to feel nauseous or queasy try sipping on some hot ginger tea.  Easy to pack a few tea bags.  

For your convenience, you can order supplements through our online store  --10% off all orders.  All orders are direct from company to  Fullscript warehouse where they are properly stored and shipped directly to you.  

Naturopathic Medical Appointments

It is very important to have regular bowel movements each day.  If you do not have regular bowel movements then we encourage you to schedule an appointment.  We can test you for Leaky Gut and Food Sensitivities and design unique treatment plans.  GI health is important to your overall well-being, immune system, mood, and ability to detoxify.  

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes.  We are not diagnosing or treating your medical condition.  If you have medical concerns please contact your primary care physician.