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Naturopathic Medicine in Spokane Valley, WA specializing in discovering the root cause of your chronic symptoms.  We utilize environmental medicine protocols and holistic treatments to treat chronic symptoms and autoimmune diseases.  


Dr. Julie George aims to provide you with knowledge to take control of your life.  Our blog provides information for you to become informed, aware, and able to make confident decisions.  


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Beauty and Anti-Aging in Spokane

DrJulie George

At Rivercreek Wellness we believe that beauty is truly within all of us. However, our culture is obsessed with eliminating wrinkles and looking good. We all want to feel good and have lasting confidence so we reach for modern day miracles to erase the time. The problem with doing so is we are usually reaching for cosmetics and personal care products that have numerous chemicals. The chemicals in these products often have not been evaluated for your safety, thus contributing to hormone imbalances and cancers to name a few.

Dr. Julie George was introduced to BeautyCounter and feels comfortable referring her friends and family to it. The company has taken an initiative to eliminate over 1,500 chemicals from their products. Dr. George is excited to say that she has been impressed with the results she has achieved with their products. She wishes she would have only taken before and afters to show off the dramatic results!


COUNTERTIME is the line you are looking for if you are wanting anti-aging. Dr. George uses this line with great satisfaction. She cleanses with the First step and then washes with Charcoal Soap in between step 1 and step 2 to help remove makeup from her pores.

Plumping Face Oil is another great product to apply after washing your face in the morning and night. It can serve as an added oil or as a moisturizer. Dr. George loves, loves, loves the BeautyCounter Oils.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel holy moly, this one achieved some immediate results. This product along with the Cleansing Balm are the two originals that sold Dr. George on the entire BeautyCounter Line. These are what she calls her miracle treatments.

She will tell you about her love for the makeups in a following post. If you are interested in trying these fabulous safe cosmetics, you may order them here.

If you haven’t switched to clean, safe cosmetics then you may want to schedule an appointment for testing of these dangerous chemicals such as Paragons, Phthalates, Lead, BPA, VOC, and more. Dr. George has written articles online and published in Natural Awakenings on the dangers in your personal care products. There are multiple areas we address at Rivercreek Wellness when it comes to Anti-Aging, check out our services.